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Ricky West

Chesterfield, VA

Amateur Extra Class

              WEST HAM RADIO

                               I listen on 14.240

W4KQB has aquired the website and copyrights to "Old Heathkit Parts.com".

Transition and website updates are in process but if you are in need of parts please inquire and I will do what I can to try to help during the site build. I do have the PCB's here for the HP power supply mods. Thank you for your patience. This is also the site I will be adding beekeeping info to.

I acquire mostly boat anchors (and some newer) equipment, clean, refurbish,perform alignment when required and replace parts needed for upgrade mainly old electrolytic capacitors. Sorry, can't work much on solid state gear as I do not have all of the diagnostic tooling. Don't stock any coax or antennas as space is an issue. Offer programming for some equipment such as Motorola and Kenwood 900 MHz radios.   

Worked at Heathkit in the early 70's in my home town of Benton Harbor Michigan. Assembled several Heathkits, some for profit and some for personal use and currently have many HF radios , amplifiers, test instruments , station monitoring equipment , microphones and many parts available.Collins, Drake, Swan, Heathkit, Yaesu and Kenwood tube radios, Heathkit ( SB 1000, SB 220 and SB 200 amplifiers). Can install upgrades to order if you prefer such as soft start, soft key or change filter cap block components which usually include the diodes, electrolytics and bleeder resistors with glitch resistors for meter circuits

As of January 2022 , I no longer offer shipping on amplifiers as the shipping has become cost prohibitive!!! Sorry for the inconvenience!! Local pick up only!! If you want the amp shipped be prepared for sticker shock. Last update was 03-19-2022

Also have a few new in box items for sale - Yaesu HT and Alinco HT's, Yaesu 2 meter mono band mobile radios.

Inquire on the contact page and make sure you leave a contact number OR your email address so I can get back to you.



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