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I acquire boat anchors ( and some newer ) equipment, clean, refurbish,perform minor alignment and replace parts needed for upgrade. I keep the "collector" grades for my own collection.

Have bought and sold on the radio selling sites. I am not a " circuit designer" nor a degreed electronics engineer ( my background is mechanical engineering / construction and maintenance in the power generation industry).

I am a former employee of Heathkit from my home town of Benton Harbor Michigan. Assembled a multitude of kits, some for profit and some for personal use.

I collect and try to assemble a complete working "station" of a given series and manufacturer then pass on the same so a ham can get on the air having everything from me except their antenna and license. Will sell all or part of radio stations also if you need something to add or complete your station.

Thanks for stopping by. See me on and feel free to email me .




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Last update was 07/25/2015

Verified FCC issued Amateur license proof to purchase transmitting equipment. No CB'ers please. Upgrade to Amateur Radio INSTEAD!!  

This is my Hobby, not my job at the moment so, due to time constraints please don't ask me to repair anything for you. Thanking you in advance.


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